Online Sports Betting Bonuses in New Zealand

Online Sports Betting Bonuses in New Zealand

Author: Anastas Todorov


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Since its inception more than two decades in the 90’s, online sports betting industry in New Zealand and across the globe has grown to become one of the largest and perhaps the most lucrative business. Online sports betting brings in billions of dollars in terms of revenues on year after year.

In New Zealand, the scenario is the same with this industry gaining massive appeal lately, with millions of Kiwis playing their favorite games of chances at several sports betting sites.

But why does online sports betting in New Zealand attract so many bettors? All this is because of one little thing, ‘bonus’. Some bettors would argue that the word ‘bonus’ actually describes the whole online sports betting industry in New Zealand, a reason as to why bettors don’t have a difficult finding an online bookmaker that offers them attractive bonuses.

With the competitive nature of online sports betting in New Zealand, a majority of bookies here attempt to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Many seek innovative ways on how they can attract new bettors and compel the same players to choose them as their operator of choice.

This is where bonuses come in. Without bonuses, the question remains whether such an industry would see as many New Zealander playing online as it is today.

So, why do bookies offer sign-up bonuses? What are some of the best bookies in New Zealand that offer the best sign-up bonuses? Here, you find this and much more detailed information on things what sports to bet on for your bonus, and bonus codes, among others.

Why trust us?


There’s a reason as to why a majority of players visit our site when they want reliable information regarding bookies with some of the best bonus offers around. Are you a Kiwi player about to begin your online sports betting journey? Perhaps, you are also on the hunt for some information regarding where to find the best bonuses, right?

If you happen to be here, count yourself lucky. Are you an experienced better or a newbie? Regardless, you can rest assured that the information you find here is well researched and true. We have a team of experienced and industry-tasted experts who dig deeper to find the best bookies with some of the most competitive bonuses around.

We understand that there’s no way you can be able to go through every site accepting New Zealand bettors trying to find the ones with the best bonuses to offer. Such can be tedious and time consuming on your end. Therefore, why not less us do all the hard work for you? We have the best team that does all that work. They go through several betting sites and even test them to establish if they say they who they are.

With us, rest assured of nothing but the correct information regarding bookmaker bonuses. We regularly go back to check them to find out if anything has changed regarding their bonuses. For this reason, you can wager at a bookmakers that we tell you to with some peace of mind. Trust us for carefully researched and well-presented information regarding the best bookies where you stand to enjoy the best bonuses.

Top bookies offering best odds for Kiwi players

New Zealand is one of the most lucrative betting markets around. Based on recent studies, more than 40% of New Zealanders allowed to gamble do wager at least one time a week. As of 2018, online sports betting expenditure in New Zealand surpassed 2.4 billion mark. Today, such has increased to reach almost 3 billion.

But how, you may ask. Its’ quite simple to understand. New Zealand has very relaxed laws regarding online sports betting. In New Zealand, it’s legal, especially for offshore bookies to offer their services to bettors in the country. Still, these foreign bookies don’t need to obtain a license before they can accept players from New Zealand.

With all the above, many offshore bookies now accept New Zealand’s bettors. In fact, many players in New Zealand prefer offshore bookies as opposed to local ones based on their high bonus offers. However, not all of them come with the best bonus offers around. Some of the top ones that most bettors in New Zealand prefer include:

  • Casiniabet – Players here get 100% bonus up to 40 NZD
  • Betway sports – This bookie offers 100% bonus up 60 NZD
  • 22Bet – 22bet offers 100% bonus up to 100 NZD
  • Librabet – This one offers 20 NZD Free Bets
  • 1xbet – Players here can find 100% bonus up 20 NZD
  • PINNACLE – PINNACLE awards its customers with a 20% new customer bonus up to 500 NZD
  • 888sport – At 888sport, players get 100% up to 100 NZD

If you examine carefully, you’ll notice that a majority of the above bookmakers are foreign-based. Again, compared to local ones, their bonus offers are quite competitive. Even though there are more than a dozen bookies that accept New Zealand bettors, the ones mentioned above come in as the best ones in terms of their bonus offers.

Top 5 things to consider before when choosing the best bonus bookies in New Zealand


It’s very easy for Kiwi bettors to see the confusion that comes with a wide range of sports betting bonuses that are available in the market. If anything, all sports betting sites in New Zealand or those that accept Kiwi players seem to offer several sports betting bonuses to their players. But there’s always a catch. Most have terms and condition tied to these bonuses. Unfortunately, most of these T & Cs aren’t fair to bettors.

So, what are some of the most essential factors to consider when shopping for the bookies that purport to offer the best sports betting bonuses? First, you may need to ensure that they are fully licensed and registered. This way, you get the assurance that they are legit and won’t disappear with your bonus winnings, should you strike it lucky.

Next, you need to ensure that you can use the bonus you get to wager on your favorite sports or teams. If you find such limited, then there’s no need of wagering here. Bookmakers are in business to make money. Some of them, in a bid to maximize their revenues won’t offer a chance for players to play their favorite games using their bonus money as they are well aware that more than often, many players will most certainly win.

Have you looked at the available number of bonuses at your potential bookie? As a Kiwi bettor, you need to ensure that there’s more than the come welcome bonuses. You need to ensure that you only wager at those bookies that have more than a single bonus for its customers. If they are limited, there’s no harm in looking for the next bookie.

Before you forget, you need to consider the wagering requirements tied to your bonus funds. How many times do you have to play using your bonus funds before you can cash out? If you find outrageous wagering requirements (more than 50x), then this is a sign that the bookie that you are dealing main purpose in business is to profit from your hard-earned funds.

Sports betting bonus codes: How to put them into good use

Do you take part in online sports betting in New Zealand? If the answer is yes, then you must have heard of the term bonus codes. Bookies use bonus codes to provide their customers with special promotions and extra bonuses to use in wagering for their favorite sports events. Unfortunately, while many Kiwi players get these bonuses, putting them to use remains one of the biggest challenge.

The moment you get to find a betting promotion, you put into consideration some things. First, you need to double-check its terms and conditions. Failing to read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus may leave you feeling cheated, especially if things don’t go as you expected. You can always contact the support department to find answers on anything under the terms and conditions that you find confusing.

Next, you need to use the bonus funds that you get to wager on the games that you understand better. Are you knowledgeable enough about the All Blacks? Why then risk placing bets on some sporting event that you have no idea about such as American Football? Go for the games that you understand when placing your bets using your bonus funds.

Lastly, you need to ensure that deposits are modest and that you undertake some in-depth on your bets. Ensure that deposits are modest and that you place them in a relaxed manner. Don’t use up everything at once. Also, make sure that you carefully research all your bets before using your bonus funds.

Wrap Up

As of now, we believe that as a Kiwi bettor, you can easily find top bookies with some of the best bonuses around. As you can see, it’s now a challenging task as such. However, if you can’t find information on such, then you can always rely on us.

We always update our site and here, you can well-researched information and much about online sports betting bonuses for New Zealanders. So, the next time you need unbiased and reliable information about online sports betting bonuses in New Zealand, look no further than our website.

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