Online Horse Racing Betting in New Zealand

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Wagering on horse racing has for the longest time been a favorite pastime in many places across the globe. This has, of course, filtered down to New Zealand, where we constantly see plenty of horse racing punters constantly researching the horse betting odds online and going ahead to wager on the horses that get to yield the best results.

Now, there are 52 horse racing New Zealand tracks and players can go ahead and place online bets on such races today. Unlike a few decades back when wagering on horse races meant that Kiwi gamblers had to be physically present at the racetrack, such isn’t the case as of today.

With technological improvements, we now have online betting, something that has brought about an easier way for throughbred racing fans to wager online.

The excitement and the rush of stallions, fillies or mares charging down the race course can not only be enjoyable to watch, but also to wager on them online too. Are you looking for the best NZ horse racing betting sites or in search of different types of horse bets? For this and many more, we’ve got you covered. But first, the following are top horse racing betting sites that are ideal for Kiwi bettors:


Types of Horse Racing in NZ


As an online horse racing betting enthusiast in New Zealand, you need to be aware that there are different types of horse racing here. Among the common forms are Group races, Listed races, Maiden races, and Handicap races.

Group races are at the top tier of NZ horse racing. The Group races provide plenty of betting opportunities because at the top, there are Group 1 horses, which are championship level of horse racing.

This is followed by Group 2 horses that are below the championship level, followed by Group 3, for horses that you’ll find underneath Group 2.

With listed races, you can find horses that aren’t of the Groups standard. A Group horse that performs poorly might be dropped down to a listed horse, with such races used to identify top performers that should be considered for Group cataloging.

The Maiden horse races involve those races that haven’t won any race, and a racehorse may remain a maiden for the whole of its career while still be earning some good cash prizes for its owner.

Lastly, there’s the handicap race. In this race, a horse carries a different amount of weight depending on their earlier performance.

All this horse racing events are available for wagering online in New Zealand. As a Kiwi player who fancy wagering on horse racing, you’ll have plenty of such races to wager on anytime that are happening.

Biggest Horse Races to Wager on In New Zealand


With horse racing slowly creeping and becoming part of Kiwi culture, there are several major horse racing events that you can wager on online. They include:

  • The Auckland Cup
  • The Spring Classic
  • The Karaka Million
  • The New Zealand Cup
  • The New Zealand 2000 Guineas

Horse Racing Wagering Types


Wagering on horse racing is one of the easiest things to do, even for newbies. There are several horse race wagers that tend to be simple, while others are somewhat advanced. You can find plenty of horse racing bet types at NZ bookies.

The first and perhaps the easiest type of bet is the Win bet. In this type of bet, you simply predict which horse will manage to reach the end of the racetrack first.

However, the payout tends to be lower compared to other complex bets. Besides the Win Bet, the following are the most popular bet types that you can find in horse racing:

  • Place Bet – Bet on a horse to finish either second or third.
  • Show Bet – Wager on a horse to finish in the money; third or even better than that.
  • Morning Line – The odds that the tracks handicapper predicts a certain horse will go off at.
  • Daily Double – A type of horse race bet that calls for the selection of winners on 2 consecutive races.
  • Pick 3 – A multi-race wager where you pick the winner of 3 separate races.
  • Exacta – A bet in which you must pick the first two finishers in a race, in the exact order of finish.
  • Quinnella – A wager in which the first 2 finishers needs to be picked in either order.
  • Trifecta – A wager in which the first 3 finishers must be picked or selected in exact order.
  • Superfacta – Here, you place a bet by picking the first 4 finishers of a race in their exact order.

How to choose the best NZ Horse Racing Betting Sites


Finding an ideal horse racing site in New Zealand can be a demanding process, especially for players who are just starting out. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you looking for the best horse racing site in NZ? If your answer is yes, you need to consider a few important factors to ensure that you have a pleasant horse racing betting sessions.

So, what should you consider? First, when choosing a horse race betting site, look at good or bad are the odds. All the sites we mention here have the best and the most competitive horse racing odds that you can’t find elsewhere.

Apart from the odds, you need to consider the type of bets that they offer. You may want to steer away from those that offer a limited number of horse racing bets as this also translates to limiting your wins.

Above all, only place your bets at site where the safety of your data is a guarantee. If not, try elsewhere. Also, don’t forget to wager at betting sites with the best bonuses and promotional offers. You can see from our list, the ones we mention have in place the best bonus offers and enticing promotions.


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