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Lately, many players prefer betting while on the go. It’s fast and convenient as opposed to spending hours behind a PC or accessing a physical casino. Are you one of those Kiwi players who prefer wagering while on the move? If so, then you’ll need to use a reliable sports betting app that won’t disappoint you in New Zealand.

We are here to show you some top mobile sports betting app that you can use and even stand a chance of finding ideal mobile betting apps deals.

Even though mobile betting apps are slightly new to scene, nevertheless, they have significantly altered the way bettors bet. In New Zealand, for instance, the sports betting industry has realized the huge benefits that come with betting apps.

It’s more of a revolution that has swept across the entire betting sites in New Zealand. Now, most of them are on the rush to ensure that they develop their apps with most competing with each other to provide customers with the best apps of all.

But are there top mobile betting apps in New Zealand that are worth your time and money? Keep reading this article to find the best ones in the country. Read to understand why you’d want to download them.

Who does have the best mobile sports betting app in New Zealand?

There are more phones than people in New Zealand based on a recent study by the Herald Magazine. Still, many New Zealanders own smartphones, a majority of them constituting of bettors who’d normally wager on their favorite sports. Smartphones offers many advantages when betting, the biggest one being the ability to wager from almost anywhere.

Fortunately, bookies seem have noticed this trend with most of them doing everything to outwit each other in terms of mobile apps. Bookies that accept Kiwi players try as much as possible to ensure that their respective apps resembles their website. In fact, most sports betting app perfectly resemble their respective website. They have the login button, the search button, filter icons, and menu of games arranged exactly like on the website.

With just a tap of your mobile screen, you’ll be able to wager, search for events, deposit, and withdraw, among others. Better yet, you can do this in your bedroom as you relax.

So, are you wonder the bookie with the best sports betting app in New Zealand? First, you need to know that there are more than two dozen bookies accepting New Zealand’s bettors. All of them compete for player attention by offering several things.

One big way of capturing player attention is by providing them a decent sports betting app. Some of the best operators with stellar mobile betting apps are Betway sports, Librabet, Bet365, 1xbet, and Leo Vegas.

Their sports betting apps are decent enough. They load faster and highly user-friendly. Finding them on Google Store or Apple Store is also possible. If you want a good app that won’t hang as you bet on the go, then choose the ones mentioned above.

Features of top mobile sports betting apps

Without saying a lot, the best mobile sports betting apps guarantee all the features that you would normally find a bookies standard site. You’ll find everything perfectly laid out well and optimized for mobile. If you come across one with some missing features, then you may have to try the next one on your list.

A good sports betting app in New Zealand must allow players to easily carry out several other tasks such as making deposits and conducting withdrawals. It should be easy to reach the customer support department and find the games that you are looking for. Again, if you find all this somewhat frustrating or challenging, then just find another app, as they are too many.

We also believe that some of the best mobile betting apps in New Zealand are those that rewards their clients with several attractive bonuses and promotions. Top ones are those that offer mobile-only rewards. More importantly, the app needs to guarantee player security when betting while on the move in New Zealand.

Excellent bookies with mobile betting apps for Android and iOS enabled devices

In most cases, you’ll be either an Android user or having iOS-enabled device. Many bookies seem to understand this fact, a reason as to why most of them choose to develop Apps for iOS or Android. But that doesn’t means that those with Windows or Blackberry devices won’t be able to wager in New Zealand. They can find betting apps that are compatible with their devices.

However, big attention lies on those with iPhones and Android-powered devices. Top sports betting sites seem to concentrate on this area the most. So, who are these bookies with some of the best mobile betting apps for iOS and Android-powered devices? Surprisingly, the names are still the same. The best ones are Betway sports, RIZK, Betfair, Comeon, and, of course, William Hill.

The apps loading speeds are highly impressive and don’t consume too much space on players’ devices. Everything that you’d want on the website is at the palm of your hands wherever you are. Provided you have a smartphone and good internet connectivity, then you can wager from anywhere in New Zealand.

Where to find some of the perfect deals for mobile sports betting in NZ

If you are New Zealand bettor? You’ll notice that plenty of bookies in the country encourage players do download their mobile betting apps. Since they are in business, they want to increase the revenue that comes from mobile sports bettors.

To entice players, especially new ones, most will have mobile-exclusive promos and offers.

Mobile-exclusive offers are among the best deals that you’ll find across many operators that accept New Zealanders. Bookies there design them in a manner aimed at ensuring that mobile bettors get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of betting while on the move. There are bookies who’ll only activate such deals the moment a player place certain bets via the app.

Other bookies give its players bonus funds, but only on certain conditions. Mostly, it’s in the form of bets that players can wager on, but only on smartphones or tablets.

But how you use the promotions that you get doesn’t matter as such. It depends from one player to the next. Unfortunately, finding such deals may not be easy for players. That’s why we are here. With us, rest assured of finding the best betting apps deals in New Zealand.

Advanced features of online sports betting apps in New Zealand

New Zealand players are some of the luckiest ones across the globe. They have more than 20 online sports betting sites that accept them. Better yet, most of these bookies offer them advanced features on these sports betting apps. Some of them include the following:

  • Live Score – this is one of those intuitive and helpful features. It allows a player to keep a track of several games as they go on from their websites. While may be appear like a tiny little feature, it, nevertheless offer a good experience. Most players in New Zealand enjoy this feature.
  • Live Streaming – again, this is another excellent addition that majority of players in New Zealanders enjoy by using their apps. It’s highly rewarding to be able to watch your favorite games, especially while you are on the move. Many bookies here understand this and try to offer live streaming for mobile.
  • Cashouts – if you feel that your bets isn’t going exactly as you had predicted, then you can cash out earlier enough. Of importance to note is that winnings will be small, but you’ll at least salvage some funds. Top NZ bookies that run some of the best betting apps include cashout feature in the app.

Future trends of mobile sports betting apps in New Zealand

New Zealanders are pouring so much money into online sports betting like never before. In the last 18 months alone Kiwis did use more than $381 on offshore bookies alone. Based on projections regarding the future, such is bound to continue. There’s no hitting the reverse gear for online sports betting in New Zealand.

But would online sports betting continue to rise across the country in the near future? Among plenty of reasons such as relaxed gambling laws, the ability to bet on the go is a big reason for such.

Many bettors would quickly take the chance of betting from where they are than doing so behind a PC for many hours. Such a habit isn’t going to stop anytime soon in New Zealand. In fact, there will be more sports betting apps from both local and offshore bookies that accept players from New Zealand.


The sports betting industry has witnessed the impact of technology. Now, many players prefer to wager while on the go, a big reason to have mobile sports betting apps. The same is true in New Zealand where bettors on the go seem to be on the increase. Luckily enough, there are several sites with decent apps.

Not all of them work in the same manner. Some are complicated to navigate around fast. But there are reliable operators that offer some of the best apps in the market. They are easier to download, load faster, and support several payment options. Keep coming back here to find the best ones in New Zealand. We regularly update our site to ensure that you only use the best betting apps.

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