How to Fund Your Sports Betting Site in New Zealand

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Betting is New Zealand is fun and exciting. Not so many things compare with the excitement of seeing your favorite team thrash the opponents. It even gets interesting if there are some funds involved. This way, you get to put some icing on the cake by adding even more excitement.

Many New Zealanders take betting seriously while there plenty of others who take it for fun. Regardless of your reasons for sports betting, your desire is to always ensure that you use some of the most secure, fast, and convenient deposit options.

Are you a Kiwi bettor looking on how to go about funding your account fast? This article makes a good attempt to show you how you can go funding your account using the best means around.

Should your desire be on winning real funds at top betting sites in New Zealand, then this article is for you. We’ll point out some of the banking options that you can use both at sportsbooks and at casinos alike.

Here, you’ll find detailed info on how to bet in New Zealand and trustworthy deposit options when betting in the country. Keep reading to find popular deposit options in New Zealand.

Deposit methods in New Zealand: The importance of the method that you choose


Regardless of whether you choose at a betting exchange or sports betting site in New Zealand, the deposit method that you choose matters. But how, you may ask. All the available payment options come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some will offer you speedy deposits, while others may not.

Some deposit and withdrawal methods in New Zealand have limits on the amount of money that you can deposit or withdraw. Therefore, you need to find those that allow you to deposit and withdraw some sizable amount as opposed to limiting to little funds. That’s not all. Across New Zealand, there are certain payment options that come with huge processing fees.

As you can see, the payment option that you choose is highly crucial and something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Of importance to note is that many bookies here support a huge variety of payment options. Therefore, to have an unforgettable sports betting experience, carefully consider the available banking options. Do you find them convenient or not?

How to go about depositing at New Zealand betting sites

Depositing funds at sports betting sites in New Zealand is one of the easiest things. First, you need to register a sports betting account at a bookie of your choice. Mostly, you can complete this exercise in less than five minutes. Remember that you bookie may require some of personal information for verification purposes.

Once you are done, you’ll need to fund your betting account. Here is where you have to choose a payment option that you find convenient. Most bookies here will provide you with their available options to choose from, and most of them include e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. Now, you go and deposit the amount you want to deposit. But remember than many bookies do have a minimum and maximum deposit amount.

The method of payment you choose may affect how long you can be able to cash out your winnings. Bank transfers may take up to three days while e-wallets may take up to 12 hours.

Choosing the best deposit options when betting in New Zealand

As briefly mentioned above, the type of deposit option that you choose will mostly affect how long it will take before winnings hit your account. Certain payment methods such as credit/debit cards may take up to three working days.

The type of deposit option you choose may also influence other critical things such as the bonuses that you could win. Mostly, the deposit method determines the amount of welcome bonus that you’ll get. Mostly, bookies award attractive welcome bonuses for players that use credit and debit cards to fund their online sports betting accounts.

As you can see, the deposit methods of your choice are of high importance as understanding how bookies calculate their odds. If you are to enjoy an unforgettable sports betting experience in New Zealand, then you need to go popular deposit options here.

Funding sports betting account debit and credit cards

Lately, plenty of Kiwi bettors seem to prefer funding their accounts using debit and credit cards. While every New Zealand player have their own reasons for using debit and credit cards to fund their account, one thing remains. Debit and credit cards are some of the safest options to use as they come with a high degree of security.

A good number of online bookmakers in New Zealand support this option too. If you choose to use this option, then you won’t really have to take time finding the best bookies that support them. But of importance to note is that there are a few notable demerits with debit and credit cards. There are certain card providers and bookies that impose absurd charges when making deposits and withdrawals using such means.

Again, card withdrawals may take long to process, unlike other methods where processing winnings is quite fast. With cards, you should be prepared to wait quite long for your winnings to hit the account.

The popularity of e-wallets across New Zealand and Kiwi players

Lately in New Zealand and almost everywhere across the globe, sports betting enthusiasts seem to be falling in love with e-wallets. In New Zealand, for instance, many bettors are choosing e-wallets as their “go-to” sports betting method.

Bettors here find plenty of advantages that comes with using e-wallets as opposed to other ways. Today, popular e-wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz, among others ideal in funding their accounts. While the reasons are many, plenty of players prefer them since they offer quick withdrawal times. With e-wallets, bettors in New Zealand don’t have to wait up to three agonizing days to get their winnings.

But a slight downside with e-wallets is that some bookies in New Zealand disqualify players from picking up their deposit bonuses.

Other deposit options available for players in New Zealand

While debit/credit cards and e-wallets seem the obvious choice for players in New Zealand, bettors can use also other means here. Bank transfers is another deposit method that players can use here. However, this method is ideal for players who’d want to make huge deposits.

A major disadvantage that comes with this payment option is that bettors have to wait for long to get their winnings. However, it’s one of the safest methods to use, especially if you are cautious about handing too much of your personal data to a bookie. But it’s not highly popular in New Zealand. Nevertheless, there’s a percentage of players using it.

Today, more and more bookie in New Zealand are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Again, with cryptocurrencies, deposits and withdrawals are fast. It’s also a secure payment option to use.

Importance of your safety when conducting deposits at New Zealand betting sites

Player safety is of high importance when making deposits, especially at online sports betting sites. The same is true in New Zealand. Technology is here with us, and it may find some use in harming you. There are thousands of tech wizards will ill intentions on the internet. If they happen to lay their hands on your information, then they may use it to blackmail you.

If you want to be on the safe side, ensure that you fund your account at licensed and regulated betting sites. Don’t forget to ask them if they use the latest encryption technology to keep your personal and financial information away from privy eyes. If you really want everything to go well, then only fund your account using popular and secure payment options.

The above also applies to withdrawals. As a Kiwi player, make sure that you go for safe withdrawal options. This way, you’ll have some peace of mind when funding and withdrawing your winnings at a bookie of your choice.

Top bookies that accept several payment options for Kiwi players

Many bookmakers accept players from New Zealand. Most of them are offshore as there’s no law that prevents them from accepting Kiwi bettors. Most bettors in New Zealand choose to wager at international bookies since most of them offer several payment options. Some of the notable names here include the following:


Betting in New Zealand is two way. There are those who do for fun while others take it somewhat seriously. However, what matters the most is the ability of players here to fund their accounts using some of the most convenient options they can find.

While there are plenty of such options, not all of them come with the promise of safety and convenience. We hope that you now have a clear understanding of depositing your account in New Zealand. You now have information concerning the safe ones and those that offer quick withdrawals before you go to bet.

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