Fixed Odds Betting New Zealand

Fixed Odds Betting New Zealand

Author: Anastas Todorov


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Fixed odds online sports betting is lately becoming more and more popular means of wagering among New Zealand bettors, mostly due to the transparency factor that’s associated with it. This betting tool gets to announce the odds before you place your bets, meaning that if the odds on a specific sporting event is 2 to 1, you’ll take home your original bet amount in addition to 2 times your wager.

Fixed odds betting New Zealand technique is highly popular in sports betting circles, especially in cricket, horseracing, football and rugby matches. Since the odds are mostly set slightly high against the underdogs of a given sports betting event, such creates an ample opportunity to go ahead and use fixed odds wagering technique to cash in on the underdogs if you do your homework well.

With fixed odds betting being very popular across the online sports betting scene in New Zealand, you may want to use this technique the next time your favorite team is playing their next big match. Of importance to note here is that the key increasing your chances is avoiding making impulsive decisions. You need to do a proper research on a team before deciding to wager on them.

You can find plenty of fixed betting New Zealand sites that are available online. A good number of them have helpful statistics and information that may assist you in making informed bets. Before wagering on any sporting event, you may want to visit a couple of these sites and familiarize yourself with much about fixed odds betting.

Fixed Odds Betting NZ: What to Avoid


Fixed odds betting may guarantee you some wins if you get everything right. However, you need to avoid a few things when placing fixed odds bets. As a Kiwi bettor who fancies fixed odd betting, first, you need to be very cautious to never place bets with your heart. Always place bets with your brain and avoid placing bets based on emotion.

Another golden piece of advice with these types of bets is to ensure that you keep some sort of record. You need to have a record of your entire bets over a certain period. This information will enable you to analyze all your wagering patterns while giving you some insight on how much of your money you are spending on fixed odds online sports betting sites.

How Do Bookmakers Compile Fixed Odds?

Bookmakers will review a sporting event based on what they understand about the contestants, along with the circumstances that surround the particular event. Bookmakers will consider aspects such as suspended players, home advantage, injured players, team spirit, and current form of a team among others before fixing their odds. The bookmaker then goes ahead and publish them on their site before an event begins, giving the punters an opportunity to choose any that they like and place their bets.

Different Types of Odds Offered


Currently, there are 3 different types of odds across the online sports betting industry. However, from the look of things, it appears as if fixed odds are by far the most popular one, even in New Zealand. Fractional odds is a method where a player is paid out a fraction that’s relative to the stake amount s/he placed.

The calculation and the fraction pertaining payouts vary from one bet to another. Also, there’s what’s known as decimal odds. Here, a player’s winnings are valued at their wager plus the fractional odds proportioned by the decimal value thereof.

Overall, before you try fixed odds betting, you need to understand how this type of betting works. Don’t just immerse yourself in the world of fixed odds betting without proper research and understanding.

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