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Can I Open Multiple Online Betting Accounts?

Author: Anastas Todorov


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What is Gnoming? Are Online Gamblers Permitted to Open More than One Betting Account? 

Choosing to open more than one betting account can significantly increase your chances of reaping significant profits from betting if done in a correct and calculated manner. Undoubtedly, however, if done incorrectly, the act can sometimes be categorized as ‘borderline fraudulent’, and lead to recipients being blacklisted by all the major online bookmaker websites and consequently facing significant monetary drawbacks. 

This article will take a deep dive and explore the relative laws and conventions associated with opening up multiple betting accounts, detailing the advantages, disadvantages and risks along the process.

Opening Up Multiple Betting Accounts: The Relative Policies

All persons potentially looking to place online bets within New Zealand should know that (in accordance with the Gambling Act enacted in 2003), online gambling is only permitted in cases where the bookmaker is not one which is based within New Zealand. Consequently, determining whether one can open multiple betting accounts or not requires taking a look at the universal policies and social conventions enacted by the relative major bookmakers worldwide, rather than taking a look at a country’s specific common law or statutory legislation. 

One may open up as many betting accounts as they wish as long as they ensure that they do not open more than one account with the same bookmaker. Essentially, even though each website would obviously prefer their participants to unilaterally rely on their platform, the fact is that they have no such power to prevent anyone from signing up to as many betting websites as they wish to and opening up betting accounts. 

It should be noted, however, that choosing to open up multiple betting accounts in the same gambling facility or website is strictly prohibited, and is commonly referred to as ‘gnoming’. Unsurprisingly, being caught gnoming can carry significant repercussions, and this is regardless of any justifiable reason that one may believe they have. Most commonly, gamblers suspected of gnoming are blacklisted from the relevant gambling websites and are consequently banned from using their chosen bookmakers ever again.

An Exception to the Rule?

Having said that, there is (technically) no rule prohibiting participants’ family members from also setting up betting accounts with the same bookmakers. Although this is not automatically categorised as a case of ‘gnoming’, it is treated with significant suspicion by most bookmakers as their systems pick up on the fact that multiple accounts have been created using the same MAC or IP addresses. 

Consequently, it should be noted that family members of participants are usually required to undertake additional security and identification checks in order to verify that they are indeed unique, real individuals and not a fake identity which is created for the sole reason of bypassing the prolific ‘gnoming’ scrutiny that is commonly imposed by the relative gambling agencies at play. 

What are the Benefits of Opening Multiple Accounts?

Opening up a plethora of betting accounts can bring in significant monetary and structural benefits.

For one, participants will undoubtedly receive a larger amount of free bets, which can decrease their overall risk regardless of whether or not they end up betting successfully. Moreover, opening up more than one account allows the online gamblers to have access to one of the most important assets- option flexibility. Having multiple accounts essentially allows punters to ‘shop around’ and find the best possible monetary opportunities before placing a bet and acquiring a vested interest in the website. This is especially the case considering the prolific number of betting specials that most bookmaker websites provide, as it once again significantly increases the recipients available choices. 

Lastly, having access to a plethora of different accounts can serve as an efficient tool of risk diversification. Spreading your beds in a variety of different gambling websites can be an indirect way of spreading your profits, and reducing the risk of your account being suppressed by a single bookmaker. 

Final Take

Overall, as long as you ensure you do not partake in what is defined as ‘gnoming’, or Arbitrage Betting– whereby the person making a bet places contradicting bets for each individual outcome in a variety of different bookmaker websites so as to always make a profit, opening up more than one betting account is completely legal, and- in fact, should be encouraged considering the ample benefits discussed above. 

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