5 Reasons Why the All Blacks Have Dominated Rugby for Long

Author: Anastas Todorov


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The nature of all sporting events doesn’t allow a single team to dominate repeatedly. However, rugby seems to have allowed The All Blacks this opportunity. The New Zealand national team has always been performing tremendously since entering competitive rugby scene way back in the 1900s. Out of the total 9 rugby world cups, the All Blacks have managed to win 3.

So, why have the All Blacks realized success becoming a dominant team that’s just nightmare to face? It stretches beyond having professional players coupled with tactical masterclass to become as dominant as the All Black. Could it be their scary Haka dance? Anyway, let’s see some reasons behind their success.

  • Rugby Begins at an Early Age: Undoubtedly, rugby is part of New Zealand’s culture and young children grow up with Rugby. During breaks, you’ll find children playing rugby or tossing rugby ball. This depicts how much rugby blood flows in their veins at while still young.
  • Cultural Mix: New Zealand is a culturally diverse nation, meaning that they don’t share the same genetic makeup. Such helps them when it comes to rugby, a match that requires toughness, athleticism and agility. You’ll find such attributes mostly in Polynesian and Maori blood.
  • Pride of The Entire Team: Wearing the All Blacks jersey isn’t something to take lightly and those who get the opportunity to don the jersey understand that fact. Wearing the jersey means that you are playing for the shirt and not yourself. The pride of the jersey makes the All Blacks success-hungry.
  • Expectations and Attitude: Many years of success comes with more expectations and when it comes to rugby, the All Blacks are not an exception. Each time they get to play, many see them as the favorites, and the team knows that their fans expect them to win.
  • Success in Style: The All Blacks are always determined to win in style. They perceive winning through penalties as some sort of underachievement or a curse. This raises their expectations, pushing to win firsthand.

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